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A friend of mine approached me asking if I could help out the family and girl that’s in her rave family who has been battling cancer for 2.5 years. Her health has been declining pretty significantly recently and the cancer has spread. The family is drowning in medical bills and have done everything they can to be able to spend time with her. All she asks is that they get to spend time with her for as long as she has, but income is an issue at this point. They have started a gofundme page and I really hope that I can help out by spreading the word to my followers.

Us ravers live by PLUR but sometimes we leave it at the events. Let’s grant her wish of being able to spend the time she has with her family. This isn’t begging for money but if you have the funds to do so, any donation I am sure will be a blessing. Skip starbucks for a day and donate $5 or if you can’t donate the least you can do is reblog so that others may see this.

Let’s prove that ravers truly are the best family 

Thank you everyone <3 

We donated 100! 

THANK YOU <3 this is incredible. You guys are wonderful. Let’s surprise this family with our support 

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