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The dopest pearler Ive seen in a minute! s/o to @stevoogkush many props bro! #galacticmessenger #raveconnoisseur #edm #rave #plur #kandimaster #kandi
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🔺S|O to @kittycatttttttttt for capturing sheer epicness from the #saharatent at #coachella !!😄

💭Meet ravers, festival goers, bassheads, clubbers, & other chill people. @RollRandom_app ✌️💜🙏✊


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My girlie knows me so well. @beccaherzog 😘💖 #favorite #lezbehonest #rainbow #pride #plur #kandi #kandisingle #kandigirl #raveready #plurvibes
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59 days till edc and I haven’t made any new cuffs! I need to get on it :P

59 days till edc and I haven’t made any new cuffs! I need to get on it :P
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Anonymous: Sleep paralysis fucking sucks!! I've gotten it too, but only after my ex told me about it... And then when I would tell people about it, it would happen to them. So weird. I never sleep on my back to make sure it doesn't happen.

Yeah it does! And that sucks you caught it! lol I’ve had it for years and it randomly just happened. Yeahh screw sleeping on your back, comfort is happily sacrificed for having a good night! Lol

lilravemonster: Answer this with ten random facts about yourself then pass it on to your ten favorite followers!


1-I’m an obsessed Adventure Time fanatic
2-I’m Bi
3-Along with EDM, Trip-Hop and Metal are my favorite genres
4-I have zero piercings and tattoos): for now!
5-Halloween is my favorite holiday🎃👻
6-I get sleep paralysis all the time
7-After Bubble Bobble in May, I’m officially done raving for awhile
8-I’m a RiFF RAFF fan
9-I’ve never been to a EDM festival
10-I can’t stand! it when people just send “k” in a message

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Calvin Harris ~ Coachella 2014
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